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Like many kids, I started in school band at age 12, on Saxophone.
Here I met Dave & Ric, who besides learning Sax. already played guitar.
They said, “Hey Dude, buy a Bass & we’ll start a band”. That’s exactly
what happened. Fast Forward 40 years later to Major Vice.
In between, I’ve co-founded and performed in several rock bands in
various cities/states. Also, I’ve performed in some Jazz & Christian
groups as well as the “Pit Band” at a Musical/Playhouse.
My musical interests/influences were founded on the likes of Kiss,
Skynyrd, ELO, Sabbath, Pink Floyd, ACDC, others… But my biggest
musical influence has to be my best friend/wife Tina…who has shared
in my interests and I in hers. Believe me when I tell you that covers
most ALL of the music spectrum!

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