Jerry’s musical career started with classical instruction at the piano when he was 7, and by high school he was playing hired gigs for professional sporting events. While being entrenched in the College bar band scene he was able to squeak out two Engineering degrees that further developed his attraction to technology and an affinity for synthesizers and electronic music. Has been the keyboardist for a number of local acts, most recently including Oak City Underground and the “Jan Michael Fields Band”.  For 15 years prior he filled the keyboardist role for several successful Raleigh bands including “SwivelHip”,  “Neon Radio”, “Flatline”, and “Flybone” and also worked on notable projects with other popular local musicians. When not playing music Jerry enjoys racing cars, riding motorcycles, playing golf, supporting his alumni sports teams from West Virginia University and family life with his wife, their four cats, and daughter. His major influences are Deep Purple (John Lord), Led Zeppelin (John Paul Jones), and many 80’s synth masters (Geoff Downs, Trent Reznor, Tony Banks, etc.) and Michael Iceberg.